Anyone who has spent an evening at Mama Cucina's Restaurant in Riebeek Kasteel will have experienced something of the tangible sense of camaraderie, talent, youth and openness that pervades much of the new South African wine scene today. An ever changing cast of winemakers from all over the Cape congregates here.

In an attempt to bring some of that spirit, vitality and friendship to the UK market, a collection of importers has come together to create New Wave South Africa. The group invites the best of South Africa's New Wave winemakers for various events.

The New Wave South Africa tasting was launched in 2015 by Swig Wines together with Indigo Wine, Dreyfus Ashby, New Generation Wines and FMV, in 2015 and has since established itself as one of the must-attend events in the UK wine tasting calendar.

"Mind officially blown"

Ray O'Connor, Naked Wines - 2017

"There was also the sense that this tasting, and Cape Wine which preceded it, is an important marker in the progress of South African wine. I reckon in a decade's time we'll look back and say: 'I was there.' For this is when South African fine wine came of age. I'm just thrilled to have been a witness to what is going on here.

A new wave, a new generation, and a bright future."

Jamie Goode,

"New Wave South Africa? More like a Tsunami. It was one of those 'you had to be there' tastings."

Chris Wilson, the Buyer - 2017 

"Down in the basement, the atmosphere was hip, cool, happening and all those other words we fifty-something wine writers like to use to make ourselves sound less crumbly. I can't remember a tasting featuring so many young, talented winemakers, most of them sporting t-shirts and jeans. More to the point, "I can't remember a tasting that showcased so many great (and affordable) bottles.

Here was proof that South Africa is currently the most exciting wine-producing country on the planet."

Tim Atkin MW,

"The recent New Wave South Africa tasting was something of an eye-opener.

The thrill and energy of the wines really gave meaning to the growers' description of themselves and their wares as showing a "tangible sense of camaraderie, talent, youth and openness."

Anthony Rose, The Independent